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Darril Tighe Diptych

Watercolors by Darril Ann Tighe

"I am fascinated with abstraction as a visual expression using the medium of watercolor on paper. I am committed to abstraction as a means for expressing a range of feelings through color, layering of washes and choices about composition. I use watercolors, inks, and gouaches on paper. Typically, I begin with a series of washes to produce complex color combinations that create a quality of translucence. I follow this by making a gestural mark on the paper and integrate the mark with the washes, until I achieve the image I want. My goal is to evoke a state of reverie, or reflection, through which the viewer is momentarily transported, and then returns enriched."

Download a PDF of Darril's Orange Series (2013).

Pele by Darril Tighe (4.5 ft. x 6 ft.)

Pele by Darril Tighe